Calls, Lines and Internet

Calls, Lines and Internet

[Bigger can be Cheaper?

Reduce the cost of your calls lines and internet

AKD – make the right connection]


Reduce your costs and Improve Business Efficiency

AKD are now offering direct telecom connectivity to our customers from ISDN30 Digital Lines and Dedicated Internet Access to SIP trunks and MPLS Networks.

Due to the size of business we have managed to secure significantly reduced pricing from our suppliers and trust you will allow us to assist you.

We know that when our customers expand or relocate premises that they have to consider increasing both bandwidths and telephony, whilst improving service connectivity and reliability.  This, combined with the stress of dealing with multiple vendors can prove costly.

AKD can do the hard work for you, after all its what we do best, simply contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Network Services & products AKD can provide

  • Dedicated Internet Access up to 10 Gbit
  • Direct Voice (ISDN30, ISDN2 PSTN)
  • Calls and Lines (Taking over existing line rentals and call charges)
  • Call Control (0800, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0844)
  • Sip trunks
  • MPLS

Contact us now to find out more about the full portfolio of products as listed above and services from traditional voice, data and Internet services to fully managed, cloud-based network services that have been specifically designed and built for businesses.

We can provide you with the tools needed to embrace innovation, improve operational excellence and make your organisation more responsive and competitive.

Significant savings – will be immediately realised across your business and that free invaluable resource can be focused elsewhere on more important areas of your organisation.

Simplify your infrastructure – we can help you rationalise your existing equipment and simplify the management of your communications infrastructure. We can help you discover a better way to manage legacy equipment and control costs

More responsive – if your employees have access to corporate systems and data, predictably and consistently, from any location, then your business will be more responsive and productive.

Embracing technology – Implementing new IP and cloud-based technology can offer immediate cost savings, simplify your communications infrastructure and drive efficiency.

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